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Since 2016, Nashville Craft Distillery has produced small-batch spirits from scratch, with a focus on local and regional ingredients. Here's a taste of our first handcrafted products. Click here to buy them online through Great American Craft Spirits.

All photography provided by Nossi College of Art Photography Students


Naked biscuit sorghum spirit

Don’t worry -- you’ll still have syrup for breakfast. But we’ve taken barrels of sorghum to distill for our first Nashville Craft product: Naked Biscuit Sorghum Spirit.
Sweet sorghum cane has been grown in Tennessee for generations. Unlike sugar cane, it is well adapted to our state’s climate, making it an ideal ingredient to ferment and distill into a delicious, locally sourced specialty spirit. Our inaugural batches are produced using 100 percent pure sorghum syrup from Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill, in the Tennessee hills midway between Nashville and Knoxville. For decades, the Guenther family business has kept up with the growing demand for sorghum syrup; Muddy Pond offers other products including barbecue sauce and honey. We’re proud to carry their traditions into our tasting room and our bottles.

Naked Biscuit is available in 750ml and 375ml in our tasting room.

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Crane City Gin

Nashville is booming. As we drive to our distillery for work, we take in a city skyline that has been transformed in recent years with new high rises and the cranes that help build them. The name of Nashville Craft's hand-crafted gin is a nod to our city's historic progress.

Unlike many gins, ours is made from scratch, starting with wheat and malted barley. Then we infuse our base spirit with seven botanicals and hand-distill it in our 250-gallon Vendome copper pot still. Here's a toast to Nashville with our hand-crafted gin, right here in Nashville's vibrant Wedgwood-Houston neighborhood.

Crane City Gin is available in 750ml and 375ml in our tasting room.

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Nashville Honey Spiced Honey Liqueur

Music City is abuzz - hot even. Our Nashville Honey Spiced Honey Liqueur tastes just like that. Hand distilled from cane sugar and honey, this small-batch craft spirit is infused with natural ginger, cardamom, lemon peel, and cinnamon. It's a little sweet, a little spicy.  Nashville Craft's newest launch, Nashville Honey is available in 750ml and 375ml in our tasting room.